Whether you use Miller Commericial for your insurance needs or not, chances are your insurance broker has asked you for your ERN number when taking out employers liability insurance. We would like to explain why we require this information.

What is the Purpose of ELTO?

The Employers Liability Tracing Organisation to give it, its full title, allows brokers and insurers to meet their obligations to people who have suffered injury or disease in the workplace. ELTO helps identify the relevant insurer with the employers liability database which contains new and renewed insurance policies. This could help identify claims reported years down the line in some cases.

What is an ERN?

This is a unique number to the employer and is printed on employment documents such as P45, P60 & P11/D’s and sometimes on payslips. The format for most is: three numbers, forward slah, two letters then five numbers, for example 111/AR/11111. We need this number to add to any policy that has employers liability attached to it.

We recently had a case whereby an employee put forward a claim of industial hearing loss dating back to 1996, this took some time to locate the insurance company at the time and thankfully the insured kept detailed records going back that far. ELTO will make this process a lot less hassle free going forward.

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